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Jane Brown’s passion for inspiring children to engage with philanthropy has been the foundation for working with Make-A-Wish. She hopes that teachers, school leadership and youth organization leaders will connect their students and communities with My Moon Wish to explore the power of hope through a wish, and the impact of helping kids like them.


To help, Jane partnered with her local Make-A-Wish chapter and their Kids for Wish Kids team to create a tool kit that includes language arts assignment ideas, visual art projects, philanthropic activities, and peer activity suggestions. The tool kit can be downloaded or requested by contacting Rebecca Bishop at (513) 297-4518 or



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"I highly recommend and encourage other school districts to bring the “My Moon Wish” project to their school community.  All of our students, in kindergarten through eighth grade, were engaged and gained a greater appreciation for the individual capacity that they each have to make a positive difference in their community.  Through the project, students learned about what is involved in authoring and illustrating a book, but more importantly, they developed a greater empathy for others.  The wishes of hope that our students wrote after Jane's visit were heartfelt and everyone involved was grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in a project that will help make it possible for Make-a-Wish to grant a child a life-changing wish trip."


Kelley Ransdell, Superintendent 

Anchorage Public School

Anchorage ,KY

My Moon Wish Day at Anchorage School

Part of the Wish for Wish Kids Program

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