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Moon Rabbit was composed by Matt Trentham to accompany My Moon Wish.  Moon Rabbit is the perfect pairing to a child's racing experience, as it helps bring the book alive and enhances creative thinking.

A big thank you to Matt and his fellow musicians for supporting My Moon Wish!

To learn the lyrics, check out the My Moon Wish Kid's Workbook on the Kid's Corner tab.  There are so many fun actives to discover!

Moon Rabbit glockenspielMatt Trentham
00:00 / 02:34
Moon Rabbit - piano & violinMatt Trentham
00:00 / 02:33

From the songwriter Matt Trentham:


After reading and studying the art in Jane Brown’s book My Moon Wish, I was left with a dreamy sequence of a little bit of darkness, offset by optimism and joy.  The phrasing in her story trips along like a small stream over rocks worn smooth.  My hope is the melody in the song Moon Rabbit is parallel to the journey found in the book.  I have enjoyed experimenting with several talented people in our community to find the different ways of transforming the tune into a song that best supports My Moon Wish.       


The video version on the website was sung by Anchorage Public School’s fourth grade music class and was directed by Lauren Morris.  Britton Patrick Morgan recorded and mixed the song.  It was filmed & edited by Jon Paul Johnson.  One nice version was with piano played by Robert L. Bozeman and accompanied by Anna Dolan Blanton on violin, recorded and mixed by Britton Patrick Morgan.  The Glockenspiel version on the website was played by Matt Trentham, with a section of the violin used in the piano / violin version, recorded and mixed in by Britton Patrick Morgan. 


Matt Trentham is neighbor, father of two grown children, husband, community volunteer, engineer, outdoorsman and musician from Louisville, Kentucky.  


For additional information about the song and its contributors, please contact

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