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To celebrate the power of a wish, author and illustrator Jane Brown has named

Make-A-Wish® Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana (OKI) as the beneficiary of
proceeds from the sales of My Moon Wish. 

“When you purchase a book, we can together help make wishes come
true for children battling critical illnesses.”  – Jane

In addition to purchasing individual copies of the book, you may purchase copies of My Moon Wish in bulk quantities to be donated to children in your community or to local schools, hospitals, libraries, community centers, etc.

By doing so, you will help give the gift of reading to a child and share the book’s important
message about the magic of a wish and the power of hope.

To learn more about becoming a book vendor, or to place a bulk order for copies of My Moon Wish,
contact the book’s publisher – Carol Butler, Butler Books: 502-897-9393;

Thank you to our Wish-It-Forward Donors for gifting hope to local children!

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